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TD Direct Investing

Welcome to Compare Fund Platforms

The only website that compares the cost of investing via fund platforms, stockbrokers and discount brokers - based on your own assumptions. Find the best ISA and SIPP deals.

Compare 21 leading platforms & brokers in minutes...

While using investment platforms often makes sense (to keep your funds and/or shares in one place), trying to compare features and charges is often bewildering. Platform charges are levied in a variety of ways. And can you save by using a discount broker?

Now, for the first time, you can compare total platform and broker costs in just a few simple steps:

  • Choose how you want to hold the investments: directly, ISA or SIPP
  • Include funds if you want
  • Include shares if you want
  • Confirm assumptions about investment period and growth rate
  • View results

A change of approach

Comparisons are now based on platform and broker fees alone, not including fund charges. Since platforms are more or less using the same fund versions these days there is usually little, if any, variation in fund cost. Ignoring funds allows more platforms to be included in comparisons, including those that refused to supply fund data under the previous system.

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Candid Money Articles

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